The debut -album Trace offers strong melodies where Kuru is guiding the listener to the quest  for finding the own soul-scape.

The music is scandinavic, modern pop-jazz, which has a strong influence of Finnish folk music. In these compositions you can hear a strong affection of wilderness and finding out our roots in the nature of Northern Finland. In these functional compositions you can join to the mystic, musical journey from the sea up to the mountains of Finland.




Living close to the nature, calming down, returning to the Finnish roots - these are the values, which Kuru wants to strive for. In a modern society where effectiveness an haste rules, music can offer increasingly important moment for finding the own soul-scape, the only way out of the rat race.

Jarkko Niiranen, soprano and tenor saxophone
Jaakko Jauhiainen, trumpet and fluegelhorn
Jussi Jaako, guitars, mandolin
Sami Juntunen, piano, keyboards
Kari Räty, bass
Erkki Ekfors, drums

Sound engineering and mixing: Jussi Niiranen. Mastering: Mats Lindfors, Cutting room, Stockholm. Producer: Jarkko Niiranen and Jussi Jaako. C & P KorpiRecords 2010/2009. Album design and artwork: Amppe Tauriainen and Tommi Levy. Photos: Amppe Tauriainen.


Boundless backwoods, limitless swamps, upward reaching hills, brightly emanating eyes of waters, wildly rushing rivers, treeless mountain ranges, gently rolling moors, and steep- cliffs. The Northern landscape, which finally, in the distance, plunges into the icy cold Arctic Ocean.

At the turn of the year, a dark blue paints the space into a continuous night. Meter-thick snow covers the landscape. Severe frost crackles and freezes everything in its path. Only the howling of a hungry wolf joins the coldness illuminated by the moon. Life kind of sleeps…

With the spring, the sun rises up with an accelerating speed and lights up the vast snowfields blindingly bright. Frost makes way for warmth. Enormous masses of snow rapidly turn to water. Ice covers melt and the waterways overflow with joy. Summer bursts out in an instant…

Greenness and a profusion of flowers cover the ground. Song of birds fills the surroundings. Everyone is busy. During the short summer, the future of life must be secured. Even the sun knows this and does not set, not even for the night. The limpid brightness bubbles over with joy and laughter…

In late summer, the sun’s power starts to wane. The ground turns to a magnificent riot of colours. The fanfares of the swans migrating south bid farewell to the dying summer. Darkness gets the better of the sun. Frost of the warmth. First snow covers the ground. The dark polar night dresses the landscape in dark…

These are the elements that challenge the composer to a duel. To a battle the outcome of which is a scratch of infinity. A moment which soon will be no more…

There is only the boundless wilderness and the infinite space.

Osku Rajala
Editor in Chief, Jazzrytmit Magazine 
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